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Home of “Coloring outside the lines,” and “Growing Down”! We are a Creative Distillery that teaches an inside out approach to artistic expression. Our Classes at The Gallery are designed to help students uncover, discover, and share their human condition, through the Performing Arts. Although, we may specialize in the craft of acting, what goes down in that Gallery has very little to do with what we bring to the table. It’s about your Chutzpah. (If you don’t know – google it.) Our experience has shown, that we are always only as good, as we are willing to fall on our faces. We put in work.

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In life, over half the battle is suiting up and showing up. At least that’s what I was told anyway. It isn’t about where we

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So, Valentines Day huh? ​Whatcha know about that? We can go with the lovey dovey Anonymous Expression of your fond feelings towards someone, or the

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I AM Relaxed

People..Wait, let me start again. MOST people do not even realize how tense, stressed, and fearful they are. We are normally one big cover-up, that

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Thespian Cloth

Acting is one of the most incredible outlets for creative expression that there is. Biased? Maybe. I’m an actor and a teacher, whattaya want from

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