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We SupportPhoto by Neil Thomas on Unsplash

My sweet Victoria and I moved (here) to Montana to start the first of its kind – Sober Tiny House Community. It will be called “New Now Village”. 

Instead of a Sober Living, which usually consists mainly of individuals early in Recovery, and living under one roof, imagine a “support system” community of people Living Sober. 

A place where sober individuals with substantial time in recovery, will reside in separate alternative dwellings (tiny homes on wheels, cabins…)  yet as a community.  The experienced, teaching the new, and the new, re-inspiring the wise, a true kinship of inter-generational recovery.  A place where meetings will be held, retreats and campouts hosted, and workshops, and trades taught. The intention is to build a healthy recovery environment conducive to assisting others, while  learning to:

  • Save Money
  •  Build Community
  • Grow food
  • Have campfires/cookouts
  • Live in smaller spaces in order to have bigger lives
  • Live more intentionally so as to require less “stuff”
  • Give back more, and help others
  • Practice Creativity
  • Repurpose building materials
  • Upcycle home decor
  • Earn money
  • Learn new skills
  • Heal
  • Attend meetings
  • Host retreats
  • Help others Rinse and repeat.

We SupportPhoto by Annie Sprat on Unsplash

Below are multiple streams of income focused on making this Community a reality:

NewNowVillage.com – Sober Tiny House Community

SoberDirectory.com NewNowVillage.com – An online Global Directory of all things Recovery  (COMING SOON)

NewNowCreative.Agency – Webdesign, Graphics, Photography, Marketing and more

TheActingGallery.com – Beginning, Intermediate, and Advanced Acting Classes 

And just to keep it really real 😉  Anything else we do to trade hours for dollars…Property Management, Move Snow, Babysit…