Currently Interviewing for Ongoing
Beginning, Intermediate and Advanced Acting
Classes are held on Monday’s and Wednesday’s from 7:00 PM – 10:00 PM

Here at the “Acting Gallery”, our approach stems from the complete awareness that a performer is both the artist and the instrument.  We work from the inside out and our classes are designed to bring the two into a true harmony, teach technique, and strengthen the individual.

We are all performing somewhere.

Although the strongest influence found in this type of training is “Method” Acting, the tools in our toolbox will NEVER be limited to it. 

We are a “Do what it takes” Gym for Acting, but since class is held in a Gallery and “The Actors Gym” was an OVER priced web domain, we went with Gallery. 

Our main focus at the Gallery is on Acting Exercises and Scene Study, and the majority of other noted technical work, will stem from these two disciplines. (Improvisation, Character Analysis, Monologues…) 

Separate classes, for those interested may include camera, commercial, audition, private coaching, etc. 

 The Acting Gallery delivers for the hearts that put in the work.

We truly believe that you are ONLY ever as good as you are willing to fall on your face. 

What Some Of Our Students Are Saying

100% Growth Guaranteed

Our work brings discovery, freedom, and confidence not only to professional actors but, musicians, teachers, lawyers, public speakers, salespeople, and anyone seeking to improve their awareness, communication skills, and personal growth.

*Class schedule, content, and price options will be covered during the interview process.