Thespian Cloth

February 1, 2019
Acting is one of the most incredible outlets for creative expression that there is. Biased? Maybe. I’m an actor and a teacher, whattaya want from me? It’s fun, it’s cathartic, and it’s definitely a self esteem builder for sure. As a hobby or a confidence booster, it’s a tool that’s second to none. It has the ability to help you face fears that you didn’t even know you had, and the very nature of it’s versatility will provide ways for you to experience things that you would have never otherwise had the chance. The process will also bring endless opportunities to face other random situations that you would have most likely avoided.

On the other hand, as a profession, it can be an extremely difficult business to get into, and is very much, not for the thin skinned. It’s been said many times that, unless you are one hundred and ten percent positive that Acting is something you HAVE to do, don’t do it! If there is a slight chance that you may be interested in pursuing a career doing something else, by all means, DO It! It is not for the faint of heart.   In depth training and keeping our instruments finely tuned is a constant effort, and the competition is fierce. Finding representation, and getting into the proper unions are difficult enough tasks as it is, let alone the sometimes emotionally taxing audition process.  

Although some of this may seem quite discouraging, for those of you who are cut from the thespian cloth, there is NOTHING that could keep you away. It’s in your blood. You will be focused and driven to crush it. The challenge and opportunity to rise to the occasion is attractive, and you will do well!  

None of what was mentioned previously was meant as a deterrent. The only intention behind it was to prepare the individual for the work that lies ahead.  

Acting as an art, is a discipline, and the sacred space of the Acting Class is to the actor, what the dojo is to the martial artist or the music studio to the musician. Without regular training, our Acting muscles can atrophy, and our mental alertness will lessen. When these things transpire, our believability tends to diminish and our awareness is compromised.  

Since, as actors, our job is to create the illusion of “the first time”, when we are not fresh, alert, and ready, almost everything we do will be perceived as rehearsed. When we are finely tuned instruments, we can perform accordingly. After only a short period of time away from the actor’s gym (class), we begin to witness the weakness of our instrument, noticing just how quickly it can become out of tune. The Acting Gallery provides a safe, sacred, and encouraging arena to hone your craft and prepare you for the challenges that come with being a performer.

Victoria Gabaldon

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